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Hand drum in depth tutorials.

A broad look at the world of hand percussion.
Forty lessons exploring detailed techniques from all over the world.

bodhran 1.pdf

bodhran 2.pdf

bodhran 3.pdf

bongo 1.pdf

bongo 2.pdf

bongo 3.pdf

darabouka 1.pdf

darabouka 2.pdf

darabouka 3.pdf

dhol 1.pdf

dhol 2.pdf

dhol 3.pdf

dholak 1.pdf

dholak 2.pdf

dholak 3.pdf

dholak 4.pdf

ghatam 1.pdf

ghatam 2.pdf

ghatam 3.pdf

kanjira 1.pdf

kanjira 2.pdf

kanjira 3.pdf

frame drum 1.pdf

frame drum 2.pdf

frame drum 3.pdf

mounted frame drum 1.pdf

mounted frame drum 2.pdf

mounted frame drum 3.pdf

mridangam 1.pdf

mridangam 2.pdf

mridangam 3.pdf

req 1.pdf

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udu 1.pdf

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