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Review of: Taiko to Tabla
Album recorded live at the Bruges Festival 98 on the ZOKU EMI label

Review from: THE MiX

Joji Hirota and Pete Lockett - Taiko to Tabla (Zoku)

Just taking onboard these guys' credits is difficult enough. Indian percussion specialist Peter Lockett has graced recordings by Björk, Kula Shaker and Bill Bruford, while Japanese drumming guru Joji Hirota has worked with the likes of Jah Wobble and Bill Evans. But there's no jazz or pop here. Taiko to Tabla is a live workout of inspired multicultural pieces penned by the two maestros, and executed beyond the realms of belief, live, with no overdubs. Given that, it's a glorious insight into the disciplines of combining an all-encompassing range of percussion instruments in a streamlined way. Both sonically and in terms of musicianship, it is difficult to cite individuals who are this able. Put these two together, and there simply is nothing to touch them. • Nick Serre

Studio: Live at the Bruge Festival

Verdict: Top percussion duo - 9/10

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