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Review of: Pete Lockett's Network of Sparks 

Customer reviews from: Amazon.com

Avg. Customer Review: Four out of five

Among the best I've ever heard..., August 1, 2001

Reviewer: A music fan from Seattle WA USA

I will try to stick with the 'less is more' approach. Let me simply state what it is I like about this CD.

  1. The compositions are intelligent, complex, engaging, and, yes, beautiful (sometimes expressed melodically and sometimes expressed rhythmically)
  2. The recording quality is superb. The instruments have been captured with great clarity and full tone.
  3. Pete Lockett's performances are incomparable. Thrilling, intense, and graceful. He will inspire you to go out and buy your own tabla and start muttering 'bols' to your family and friends. (I know I have...)

NOTE: For those of you interested in Bill's performance... Bill is certainly in 'percussionist' mode much more so than 'prog-rock drummer' mode or 'Earthworks' mode (all of which are wonderful aspects of Bill). None of the tracks scream to me "THIS IS BILL!" (nor should they). He is simply another outstanding percussionist adding his special talents to this album.  It's a great recording.

Master's touch, April 21, 2001

Reviewer: Jamil-ud-din Akhtar from Rawalpindi, Pakistan

Pete Lockett really knows what rhythm is all about. And he has proven it in this album. His expertise with so many different kinds of drums is amazing. And its not just the instruments, but he plays them in the particular discipline they are supposed to be played in. It is simply awesome. Anybody who has an interest in world music or percussion particularly, must buy this one.

Pure percussion, pure enjoyment, December 11, 2000

Reviewer: Notallwhowander from Santa Cruz

I was drawn to this release by Bill Bruford's name and was not disappointed by my purchase. Pete Lockett is a world-class percussionist who gathered together other able colleagues to produce this CD. For all you curious Bruford fans, Bill appears on roughly half the tracks and spends most of that time behind his kit.

The CD's rhythmic explorations vary between direct attacks and gentle, almost hypnotic, soundscapes. Expect a lot of Indian/Eastern rhythms here. It's a great record for shuffle play, and stands well on its own as a background "soundtrack". Still, there is much here that rewards direct and intentional listening. If you like all percussive instrumental albums (ala Mickey Hart's Planet Drum and its kind), then you will fully enjoy this offering, and eagerly await a Pete Lockett's Network of Sparks 'Two'. 


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