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Review of: Pete Lockett's Network of Sparks Ft. Bill Bruford - 'One'
Reviewed alongside Les Tambours Du Bronx - 'Silence'

Review from: Modern Drummer

Here we have 2 CDs that explore the musical world of percussion ensembles - yet from dramatically different angles. Pete Lockett's ensemble is the more colourful and complete, as he uses five world-class percussionists on many different instruments and in different combinations. Each track is fresh and inspiring, and the performances by the drummers, hand drummers, frame drummers, hand percussionists, and malletists are emotive and challenging. Bill Bruford's drumming is a seamless addition to the vast array of colourful sounds, and his considerable chops are in full musical affect on these challenging pieces. This disc demands many repeat listens. Rating 9/10 (http://www.melt2000.com)




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