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Taiko to Tabla @ Ocean, Hackney - 5th April, 2001

'Taiko to Tabla' is two world-class percussionists, 40 drums on stage and a skin-tingling, mind-blowing and brilliant fusion of Indian, African and
Japanese drumming. This is expressive and musical drumming at its aural and visually thrilling best. 

I'll paint you a picture. Pete Lockett (tattooed arms, plaster-protected thumbs and forefinger, fair hair flying and shoeless) attacks his drums
with passion and purpose alternating with sensitive singing drum patterns from fingers (the tiny tambourine-like Kanjira from south India, pitch
bending with one hand whilst drumming with the other) or voice accompaniment to finger drumming on a frame drum (reminiscent of scat singing. There is a name for this and I know someone will enlighten me). 

Joji Hirota conjures up the spirit of Buddhist temples with bowed brass gong, bamboo flute and resonating prayer bell. He is intensely in control
of the elements: you 'hear' the birdsong, water falling on stone, the sound of distant thunder as bongos and taiko take you to a stormy  crescendo. 

Together they weave, oppose and compliment one another's techniques. Their Heartbeat finale, playing the huge Japanese Taiko drums with sticks, is like a display of martial arts or an army at war. The two of them drum in powerful unison until every atom of the venue is vibrating in a huge Technicolor soundscape. Outstanding!

Pete Lockett's exploration of rhythm and texture by way of skin, wood, brush and vocals has taken him to several continents and many collaborations, including Network of Sparks with Bill Bruford, with DJ Luke Vibert & pedal steel master BJ Cole, and with Sin E's Steafan Hannigan. There's much more to know and appreciate about this master magician and the rhythms he conjures. I recommend the following albums, a visit to his website and to get out there and see him 'live':

Network of Sparks featuring Bill Bruford: One (MELT2000) and Taiko to Tabla recorded live at the Bruges Festival (Zoka-EMI)


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