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Over the years Pete had more than 40 trips to India, collaborating, performing and recording with some of the finest Classical, Folk and Popular artists in the North, South, East and West of country. Here below are a few comments from some of these great masters regarding how they found sharing the stage and creating with Pete Lockett. In 2015 Pete won the prestigious PT JASRAJ award for cross-cultural understanding for his decades of collaborative works in India. Pictured below are the award itself and the award ceremony. The late great Pandit Jasraj was one of the all time legends of North Indian classical music.

PURBAYAN CHATTERJEE - North Indian Sitar master
It has been my pleasure and privilege to have had the opportunity to make music with Pete Lockett. His knowledge of Indian rhythm is very sound and he is one of those musicians whose sense of production is very advanced. I have had the honour of having him on a couple of my songs and he has always brought a great deal of sagacity in blending indian rhythmic motifs in a predominantly world percussion environment.

U RAJESH - South Indian Mandolin Master
Pete is one of the most versatile multi-percussionists with a very deep understanding of Indian classical and folk music. I am always amused to see how easily he adapts to different genres of music. While performing with Indian artists he ups the bar every time. Performing with Pete is always a pleasure as he elevates the quality of music with his amazing sensibilities and creativity.

RONU MAJUMDAR - North Indian Bansuri master
Pete is a great musician with deep understanding of Indian music. I have performed with him onstage and remember clearly his detailed knowledge of the Carnatic rhythmic tradition. I hope we get to collaborate again soon.

GHATAM VAIDYANATHAN SURESH - South Indian Ghatam master
Pete is a passionate demon of a drummer, with lightning reflexes with any complex Indian rhythm. His extensive traditional studies have made him a rare composer in authentic Indian tradition.

ANUBRATTA CHATTERJEE - North Indian Tabla master
I have always had a great time performing with maestro, Pete Locket. Apart from being a master global percussionist, His knowledge over north & south indian percussion is very unique and captivating. He blends in every form of music and that is a very rare phenomenon.

RHYTHM SHAW - Leading Indian guitarist
Pete"s understanding and knowledge of both Western and Eastern culture in the world of Drums and Percussion are what makes him so unique. His vast array of instruments and his dexterity with them is quite something!

GHATAM UDUPA - South Indian Ghatam master
Pete and I have performed together numerous times on the world stage. He is one of the few western musicians I know who adapted so quickly to Indian Music and learnt the detailed intricacies of both Carnatic and Hindustani rhythm. It’s truly commendable how Pete has learnt the art of reciting Konnakol and playing Tabla, Kanjira and other Indian percussion. He is one of the few musicians whom I know who perfectly blends North and South Indian rhythm with great ease. It’s a great joy to watch him perform every time and I look forward to many more collaborations with him.

DIPESH VARMA - Leading Bollywood percussionist
It is truly a pleasure knowing this great master, Pete Lockett. He is a great musician & a gem from the heart. Working with him is like having a blast on stage. He makes everyone feel so comfortable around him. His command over North & South Indian rhythms is something very inspiring. He understands the soul of each & every percussion instrument & adds his unique touch to it. I personally follow some of his playing techniques and find them are really helpful.

DARSHAN DOSHI - One of Indias finest drum set players
ete is one of the most versatile multi percussionist I have ever met. His knowledge of North & South Indian music system is really commendable. The way he applies and articulates those concepts on the drumset is incredible.


















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