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New Remo World perc 2010

Tar frame drums
Remo Tars are constructed using a SKYNDEEP® fixed drumhead pitched to produce the desired overtones that professionals listen for. A light texture gives the drumheads a very real, natural feel. With just the right amount of overtones, Remo Tars not only look incredible, they sound amazing!
Model Size Drumhead Graphic Finish
HD-8716-81-012 16" x 3" Snake Skin Antique
HD-8718-81-013 18" x 3" Goat brown Antique
HD-8722-81-014 22" x 3" Goat Stripe brown Antique

Remo Pandeiros’ are designed for today’s modern playing techniques. They are specially weighted, aiding students and professionals, minimizing fatigue. Boasting superior sounding jingle combinations and a new Skyndeep® graphic Ultratac drumhead gives them superior sound and an attractive look. Newly developed by Remo, Ultratac adds a unique animal-like texture on the drumhead surface.

Model Size Description Finish
PD-8110-81-012 10" x 1.78" Pretuned Skyndeep Snake Skin Ultratac head, Antique
three combo chrome jingle set

Samba Capoeira
Model Size Description Finish
PD-8310-81-012 10" x 1.78" Internal tuned Skyndeep Snake Skin Antique
Ultratac Skyndeep head
three combo chrome jingle set

Model Size Description Finish
PD-8210-81-113 10" x 1.78" Key tuned Skyndeep Goat Brown Ultratac head Antique
four combo copper jingles set

Samba Choro
Model Size Description Finish
PD-8210-81-213 10" x 1.78" Key tuned, Skyndeep Goat Brown Ultratac head Antique
three combo chrome jingle set

Irish Bodhran
Remo’s new deep shell Irish Bodhrans are designed with a 4.5”x 5/16”Acousticon® shell. Each drum is fashioned with an internally tuned, fixed synthetic Bahia Bass drumhead which produces a soft attach and deep bass tones. Hex tuning key and tipper drumstick included.
Model Size Description Finish
ET-4514-81 14" x 4.5" Irish Bodhran Antique
ET-4516-81 16" x 4.5" Irish Bodhran Antique

Remo’s new hybrid tambourine was conceived from the musician’s inspirations. The Tamburiq features a mid range pitch of the Italian Tamburello to the high tones of the Egyptian Riq. Manufactured using Acousticon® shells with cut out, German silver jingles, and Skyndeep® graphic fixed drumhead that can be precisely tuned with the internal tuning system.
Model Size Description Finish
TA-0512-81-011 12" x 2.5" Fixed, Tunable, Skyndeep Orange Fish head Antique

Remo’s Riq design is sporting a thinner drum shell width of 2-3/8” and is manufactured with an Acousticon® shell which gives a comfortable fit in your hand. A Skyndeep® graphic fixed drumhead can be precisely tuned with the internal tuning system. Hex tuning key included.
Model Size Description Finish
TA-3809-81-011 9.00" x 2-3/8" Internal tuned, fixed, Skyndeep Fish Orange head Antique

Buffalo Bahia Drum
The Buffalo Bahia drum is equipped with a rope handle and a Bahia Bass synthetic drumhead produces a pure soothing bass tone when struck with the soft mallet included with the drum.
Model Description Finish
E1-1316-BE 16" x3.5”, fixed Bahia Bass black earth

Advent Djembe
The Advent Djembe is light weight, portable and weather-resistant with a Remo Suede drumhead and can easily be tuned for a pitch range of a djembe or doumbek sound. The perfect recreational drum that will out perform other Djembes in its attractive price range.
Model Size Description Finish
DJ-1010-70 10”x 20" Key tuned, Suede drumhead Black

Apex Djembe
Remo ushers a new generation djembe design with unparalleled sound quality and playing comfort. The Apex Djembe is light weight and features Remo’s Skyndeep Black Goat Stripe graphic drumhead that will perform to the highest expectations for all recreational drumming activities.
Model Size Description Finish
DJ-6012-70 12”x 22" Key tuned, Skyndeep, Black Goat Stripe Head Black Shell

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