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Pete Lockett’s solo performance is an incredibly dynamic, entertaining and informative ‘tour de force’  of drumming and percussion from every corner of the globe, Indian, Arabic, African, Latin, Hybrid etc. Indian phonetic rhythms and hand drumming techniques are also integrated into the show. The exploration of world rhythms is complimented by subtle sound design and electronics and also has the multimedia option of visuals if requested.  The combination of the sound textures, powerful pulsing grooves and virtuosic solos has captivated and entertained audiences Worldwide.

On the strength of his solo shows Pete was voted #1 BEST LIVE PERCUSSIONIST 2005 in a readers poll of Rhythm magazine.  The show is accessible and enjoyable for drummers and non drummers alike. The performance can be from thirty to ninety mins in length.  Pete has performed this solo show all over the world, from Pakistan and India to the USA, Thailand, Europe, Sudan and beyond.  Whether a fan of blast metal or a deep thinking Jazz listener, everyone is captivated and enthralled by Pete's show.

The performance would require a full sound system including mics and monitors and a proper sound check with technicians prior to the show. Tec spec would be supplied in advance.

What the press said;

Time Out London: ‘A truly global mix of percussive brilliance. Something memorable guaranteed.’
The Independent: ‘…Will have the audience bouncing off the roof.’
Rhythm Magazine: ‘A strikingly inventive show which left the audience virtually ripping up their seats.’
Rave magazine, India: ‘Phenomenal.’
Drumscene, Australia: ‘Percussion as you have never heard it before.’
Times of India: ‘One of the Kings of rhythm.’

Workshop options


Pete is well known for his clearly presented workshops which make the involved world of Indian rhythm open to a much wider range of musicians.


1. Indian rhythmic systems. The rhythmic vocabulary from North and South India, looking at phonetics, clapping time cycles and a variety of rhythm composition methods used in India and how these can be employed in alternative musical settings. The history, background and tradition of the music and cultural setting will also be touched upon.

2. Indian rhythmic systems applied to drum set. Looking at how some of these systems can be applied on drum set in other musical settings, such as Jazz and Rock.

3. Indian hand drumming techniques. This will cover mainly Tabla and Kanjira techniques.

4. Arabic hand drumming / Hybrid hand drumming techniques. Looking at the techniques and rhythms for Middle eastern percussion, Frame drums, Darabuka, Req etc and some modern techniques used by players such as Glen Velez.

The workshops are in a lecture/demo format and are suitable for percussion / drum set students, compositional students and / or any musicians wishing to enlarge their rhythmic repertoire. The length of the workshops can be flexible depending on which options are requested. A comprehensive set of notes will be supplied by Pete but will need to be copied for each participant by the host organisation.

If there is an evening concert then a workshop can be done in the afternoon of the concert, giving three hours from its conclusion to the sound check.

Pete Lockett has lectured and presented workshops in a number of different settings including:
Royal College of Music, London
Guildhall School of Music, London
Royal Academy of Music, London
Royal Opera House, London
AUDW Australia
Montreal drum festival
Southbank Centre, London
Journées de la percussion, Paris
Womad festivals worldwide
Universities all over Europe

His book, Indian rhythms for drumset was published by Hudson music in early 2009 and was book of the year in Holland and in the top 5 2009 in Modern Drummer..

As an author he has had hundreds of technique articles in drum magazines worldwide, including MODERN DRUMMER’ in the US, DRUMMER MAGAZINE and RHYTHM in the UK, Drums SA in South Africa, Drummer mag in the UK, Drumscene Australia, Batteria & percussioni Italy, Top Drummer Poland, Bateristas Al Sur Argentina and more.

His website continues to be one of the most eclectic and complete free percussion education centres on the internet today.

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