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I have been working with 2Box for some while now as an endorser and also developing kits and sounds for them.  One very important thing for me with any electronic device is the ability to input your own sounds. 2Box is the only kit that allows this and has a healthy 4GB memory to import sounds. I really think it is the best drum brain out there. I have very little interest in boxed sounds from other kits on the market. Even with editing it is nothing even close to what you can do editing an acoustic sound in your DAW or audio editor, presupposing you have a vision. My quest and eclectic taste for different sounds is no different with electronics at all. To me the electronics is an extension of the acoustic. I do not really see them as distinctly separate and unrelated. It is all just sound after all.

Feel is also important. I love the mesh heads and 2Box also has great tracking and dynamics. The sound quality is also great thanks to Hi quality DAC and AD converters and the internal 24 Bit resolution. The pads and the cymbals are virtually silent which is good if you don't want to disturb your neighbours but it's also good to keep volume down on gigs. Also, the sound architecture is open which means that you can drag and drop your own sound and wave song file into the Unit. (when connected via USB to a PC). The computer software for this is killing. Basically, letís say you had twenty snare drum hits of different volume. Well, when you drag all the files onto the pad icon in the software screen it intelligently places them by putting the lowest peak wave form at the lowest velocity setting and the highest peaks at higher velocity settings. This is a MASSIVE convenient shortcut whereby you can create your own velocity sensitive kits without a headache of editing.


It is early days for my individual kits and sound sets at the moment but what I want is to create sound sets whereby a drumset player with no knowledge of Darabouka for example can play the instrument on a pad or set of pads and by using their drum set technique will be able to get some grooves happening which do justice to the actual sound of the original instrument.

If you use 2Box and want to download some of my kits and sounds free then click HERE!!!

Check out some of my demos of the new percussion instuments by clicking on the following links.

Pandeiro demo MP3

Cajon demo MP3

Ghatam demo MP3


2box is a a newly established manufacturer with focus on useful tools for the performing musician. The developing team, based in Sweden, has a long experience in developing powerful electronic musical instruments. The first product being launched is the electronic drum system DrumIt Five,with more new products to follow.

2box creates user friendly systems. Special emphasis is put on easy to use interfaces bundled with intuitive editing software for PC / Mac platforms. Intended use of 2box systems is live on stage, in a studio or rehearsal room or in any place where a musician is playing music.

2box designs powerful yet easy to use products. They can be hardware based or software only but most often they will be both. While it is convenient with music applications in a computer, using them live on stage is a different matter. The music scene needs hardware and 2box will be the company that provides smart designs in form of hardware systems with supporting software.



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