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Download instructions:

You may want to download the files to your hard drive or listen/view them without downloading.  Either way is easy.  Choose an MP3 or Video file from the Audio/Video page page;

Double left clicking on one of these items will open up the file in Real Player, Quick Time, Windows Media Player or whatever is your default player. 

Some of the files are large so will take a while to download, esp on the free tracks section of the audio page.
Be patient and bear in mind that all the files open in a new window so you can minimise it and look at something else while you wait.


Alternatively you might want to download the files to you hard drive for future easy reference.  Simply right click and select 'save target as' as below.


Then a brief downloading box will appear on the screen;


This window is quickly followed by the window where you will choose the destination location on your hard drive for the file you are about to download. Here I am saving it in the 'invaders folder' on my hard drive. 


Thats it.  You can then access the files from those folders without being on line or on my web site. 

MAC USERS; http://www.flip4mac.com is suggested by Microsoft for MAC users as a free download which will allow the Mac version of Quick Time to play WMV MS Mediaplayer files. MS mediaplayer for Mac will no longer be supported. Download Windows Media Player free HERE    Download Real Player free HERE

Windows Media player is available for Mac here



div1.jpg (6017 bytes)