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The year got of to a busy start with a mini tour of the southern counties with Joji and Taiko to Tabla and a string of gigs with Flamenco guitarist Eduardo Neibla in the UK, including a concert at the Purcell Room on the South Bank. From there Pete and Joji went off to Hong Kong for a concert and workshops in the prestigious Kwai Tsing Theatre Auditorium to a very eager sold out capacity. From there Taiko to Tabla performed across Belgium in another mini tour.
MP3 clip

Then it was an extensive period in the studio working with various artists, including work on his own two forthcoming albums. (Petes next solo album is out in July 02 and in October Taiko to Tabla release their second album, both on ARC records.) Then it was off to Glasgow to rehearse with Craig Armstrong for a mini tour of his forthcoming album on Virgin/Melankolic. The tour kicked off with a show at the Barbican in London with the forty strong London Sinfonietta and the Metro Voices.

PETE WITH ANDY WRIGHT N JEFF BECK.JPG (43663 bytes)Click on the photograph to enlarge Pete with Jeff Beck and Andy Wright during recording in London

Then it was RHYTHM STICKS at the Festival Hall in London in a collaboration with master Lebanese percussionist Rony Barrak called Thala Maksoum. The show was a great success and was received well by the press. MP3 clip

In July Pete also completed work on the new Sinead Oconner, began work on percussion for the new 007 Bond film, 'Die Another Day' due out in dec 02 and performed at WOMAD UK with Adrian Sheerwood and the 'On-U-Sound' crew.

Pete and Steve Sidelynk
In Paris
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July saw the release of Pete's new album on ARC records, featuring musicians from Pakistan, Ghana, Japan and the UK. The album was recorded partly in the UK and partly in Pakistan. MP3 clip

Early September saw Pete off on tour around Europe with Craig Armstrong. On drums was all round 'top geezer' Steve Sidelynk. Check out Pete's Tabla set on Steve's new D-Drum signature kit.

Pete & Craig Armstrong in Brussels Click on the photograph to enlarge

In September Pete went to Azerbaijan with his Network of Sparks project to perform and collaborate with local musicians, including Zahid Quliyev and a fifteen strong troupe of traditional Azeri musicians, including three percussionists (Naghara, Double Naghara and Zarb) and traditional instruments such as Balaban, Tar, Kamanch, Oud and fantastic ‘Moham’ vocals. MP3 clip   Whilst there Pete got the chance to visit and drum on the ancient 'Gobustan' rock, dating back to the stone age. Click here to hear what this amazing instrument sounded like with Pete's beat.

The run up to Xmas turned out to be a busy recording period for Pete. Firstly Taiko to Tabla put the finishing touches to their new album which will be out in 2003.

Pete with David Torn Click on the photograph to enlarge

Then it was work on the film ‘The Sin Eater’ with Guitarist David Torn (using amongst other things, a ‘vital’ 60” Tam Tam) and also a period in the studio with , Jeff Beck, producer Andy Wright and then Paul/Mick from M People.

The Drums in Air Studios Click on the photograph to enlarge

That 60" Tam Tam Click on the photograph to enlarge

Pete also recorded with Phil Manzanera (ex Roxy Music) and Spanish band, Elefantes. (Listen out for the ‘Dustbin Samba Batucada’ on one of the tracks, all played on dustbins, Lamps, Fires, Bread bins and much else besides!!)

To round it off, Pete was voted for positively in the 2002 Rhythm Magazine readers poll; Best Studio Percussionist [#3] and Best Live Percussionist [#3] Thanks… It's great to know you dig what I'm up to.


2001 started with a great percussive theme with Pete going out to Rio in Brazil to conduct some workshops with New York based percussionist Frank Colon. However, it wasn't all work and they and their wives got a good amount of time in on the beach. 

'Pete with Kwoto in Khartoum'

Towards the end of Feb Pete went off to Sudan with Nana Tsiboe and Steafan Hannigan for a series of concerts featuring local drumming and dance group 'Kwoto' from the south of Sudan. The tour was a great success culminating in a performance in the grand open air national theatre. MP3 clip

From there it was off to Pakistan, along with Nana for just over two weeks. They performed with virtuoso Pakistani guitarist Mekaal Hassan (Billy Cobham) and amazing classical vocalist Riaz Khan. They toured the major cities of Pakistan, including a concert for 3000 people at the prestigious Sufi soul world music festival in Lahore. They then spent a week in the studio working on tracks together. 
MP3 clip

Pete then got his teeth into writing a work for the Northern Sinfonia in England which was premiered in May 2001 at the Window on the World festival in North Shields. The piece was written with emphasis on percussion and rhythm, involving a twenty strong percussion troupe from the area called the 'percussion posse', along with orchestra, electronics and plenty of shouting. 

PETE WITH MR REMOBELLI.jpg (60378 bytes)
With Remobelli in Valencia USAClick on the photograph to enlarge

Pete/Pam and abZolute Zero released their first re-mix on the recent melt2000 release of the 'Sandscapes, Bushmen of the Kalahari' album, produced by Pops Mohamed. MP3 clip They also had the great honour of performing live with them at the launch of the album in London.

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Pete with Judge Jules and crew during work on his forthcoming albumClick on the photograph to enlarge

2001 was also a great 'RHYTHM STICKS' year for Pete. What is truly turning out to be one of the major festivals in the world gave host to a performance of Pete's 'Network of Sparks' trio, featuring Nana Tsiboe and Simon Limbrick. Also featured were the great talents of the 'Akwaaba drum orchestra' who are a group of drummers based in the UK specialising in authentic performances of African drumming traditions, including those of the powerful 'Sabar' drum. A group of eight drummers joined the trio for a number of pieces, including an intense South Indian piece featuring Sabar.

Pete, Simon and The Nefchi Ensemble Click on the photograph to enlarge

Pete was then on the road with Afro Celt Sound System, kicking off with some gigs around Europe, inc the Fleadh in London, Wechter and Athens Womad. It was then off to the USA to tour for a short period.

The tour began with the Letterman Show and Seattle Womad with Peter Gabriel followed by a string of dates on both sides of the states including San Francisco, LA, New York and a brief escapade around Canada supporting Dave Matthews.

Pete at letterman001.jpg (56224 bytes)
Pete on the set of the Letterman ShowClick on the photograph to enlarge

Whilst in LA Pete got the opportunity to visit one of his endorsers, the REMO drum company at their factory in Valencia, as well as getting the opportunity to perform with John Bergamo and his group 'Hands Ensemble' at CAL Arts. (California Institute of the Arts)

Pete arrives at remo001.jpg (37261 bytes)
Pete receives a warm welcome at the REMO factory in LAClick on the photograph to enlarge

Pete was also voted for positively in the 2001 Rhythm Magazine readers poll; Best Studio Percussionist and Best Live Percussionist sections.

WHATS BEEN!! 2000 

It was a busy year of collaborations last year for Pete, kicking off with a project in the Middle East with Arabic musicians Amir Joubran (Oud) and Shamir Shasar (Persian flutes, Ney and Iranian vocal), and Shetland fiddler Catriona MacDonald. They spent six days putting together a set and then did a series of concerts and workshops. 
MP3 clip

Then it was off to Malaysia for five concerts and workshops including the Drumusique percussion festival in Kuala Lumpur. This time it was with Taiko to Tabla and Japanese drummers Mark Alcock and Liz Walters. This was followed by a trip to Hungary with the same set up to perform in the Azene Unnepe festival in Budapest. 

Pete with john bergamo at cal arts001.jpg (92250 bytes)
After the gig at CAL arts with John BergamoClick on the photograph to enlarge

Next was the annual Barcelona festival in Spain as part of a collaboration with Flamenco guitarist Pepe Habichuela and Indian violinist Chandru. After a few days' rehearsal they did a short string of gigs, culminating in a show in the Teatre 'Grec' amphitheatre. They also found time to do a bit of recording together along the way. 

July 16th - 22nd saw the annual Rhythm Sticks bash at the South Bank in London. (rhythmsticks@rfh.org.uk) Pete performed as part of The Big Chill in the Royal Festival Hall with BJ Cole and Luke Vibert and as a special guest with Andy Gangadeen in the Purcell Room.  

November 20th - 26th KHATMANDU, NEPAL... Network of Sparks trio performed a string of dates with a group of local drummers and musicians guesting, including local Bansuri hero, Prem Rana Autari and the Sur Sudha group. 

Then Pete and the Network of Sparks trio including, Simon and Nana went out to Thailand for a short tour. There were some memorable outdoor concerts on this tour with very attentive listening audiences. 

Pete also did some live work with Aziz Ibrahim, guitarist with The Stone Roses and Simply Red. They went on tour in Denmark supporting Danish rock legend, Allan Olsen towards the end of the year.

Pete was also voted for positively in the 2001 Rhythm Magazine readers poll; Best Studio Percussionist and Best Live Percussionist sections.

Many of Pete's trips and collaborations abroad are supported and funded by the British Council.

2002 Rhythm Magazine readers poll;
Best Studio Percussionist (#3)

"Pete Lockett is an example to us all. Industrious, experimental and musically open-minded. It’s no wonder his skills are in such demand for Albums, Film soundtracks, Solo appearances and Collaborations."

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